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No Such Thing as Society - A Poem

"There's no such thing as society" 

She made that clear;

The one you call the Iron Lady, talking of Neoliberal ideas

Which basically say if you work hard you Have nothing to fear

Well, she chewed that up and spat it

In the face of the hardest workers here. 

"Broken Britian"

He said;

The one whose verile member can be found in Pigs heads. 

The one who missed the point when we all Bled

From the austerity that he gave the go Ahead. 

Austerity is a filthy, filthy word that slithers off Tories tongues like thick lead. 

“Hostile environment"

She cheered;

The one who considers floundering in

Fields of wheat, more rebellious 

Than bombing kids in the Middle East. 

Scratching her head as to why families Show up on British shores searching for Peace. 

"Let the bodies pile high" 

He uttered;

The one we like to jollify as a bumbling Baffoon.

“Get Brexit done“ was his tune, 

Three words that made them all swoon. 

He said a lot more than that

Atrocities written and published

For all to see,

So we could all coor in glee, 

"What a funny, silly man is he!" 

"That's just common sense"  

Said the dickhead who used the party conference 

To attack a marginalised community

When he disregarded their identity. 

To scapegoat and repeat 

The same bullshit from the 80s.


"Humanitarian Pause"

Was the rhetoric from the Britain First- (ahem) I mean Labour Lead

As he minimised the gravity

of the atrocities

And to think his knighthood and title would have us believe 

He is an advocate for Human Rights Law

And when it's all said and done,

We are the ones who succumb

To the bullshit they chat 

To keep their paypackets fat

To turn us all against each other 

Against our sister and our brother

When the reality is; we need one another.

A collective state of mind 

Is what is needed at this time

To realise:

Our enemies are not on the dole; 

Our enemies are not people on boats;

Our enemies are not refugees, 

Our enemies are not people who

Smoke weed;

Our enemies are not fluid in their gender; 

Our enemies are not union members;

Our enemies are not neurodiverse, 

Our enemies are not people who curse;

Our enemies are not vegans or cyclists, 

Or activists who wanna fight for us! 

We are the people!

We are beautiful in our diversity!

Do not let them divide us and conquer us! We are them. 

Our words and actions will transcend

To those higher powers. 

So, let us 

Be the ones to speak all the kindness.

So that their talk of division and difference

Is drowned with our words of Unity and Acceptance. 


So, keep your soundbites

Because tonight, 

We are taking the love to new heights!


Codie McBride is an ardent left-wing campaigner. This is reflected flawlessly in her spoken word poetry. As a poet, she operates under the title, Anti Tory State Of Mind. Expect a scathing attack on the successive, oppressive governments currently driving us all further into a ditch, delivered conversely with grace and subtle elegance. Codie also waxes lyrical about second home, Liverpool, as well as personal grievances. Losing her Mother to suicide in 2022, due to failures by services and falsely pursued debt by the local council, has only strengthened Codie's determination to speak out against injustices around the world. 

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