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Welcome to     Left Brain Media

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At Left Brain Media, we exist to amplify the countless new voices that often remain unheard in the mainstream. Our mission is to foster a vibrant political and cultural eco-system, where informative, entertaining, and evidence-based content takes centre stage.

About Us

Current Events, Policy, Politics, Sports, Music and more. 

The world is at a crossroads. Living costs are rising, wages are stagnating, and climate change threatens to cause disaster that we cannot fathom. Traditional media spaces fall back on old voices, banging the same drum they have been through crisis after crisis after crisis.

Left Brain Media is a space for new, progressive voices to be heard on issues all across society. We are focused on improving the condition of the political and cultural eco-system through informative, entertaining, and evidence-based content. This will stem from an open pitch and blog submission environment to ensure positive (or cynical) progressive voices and creatives have a platform for their work. 

From current events to political theory, from film reviews to new music, from pieces of academia to discussing culture, we aim to provide original, thought-provoking content that can't be found elsewhere.

But, above all, Left Brain Media is a voice for the voiceless.

Editing Team

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