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Nathan Brown

Nathan is the Co-Founder and Co-Editor of Left Brain Media, an idea he and Sam dreamed up in early 2020 when they shared a clapped-out townhouse in South-East London during university. He's a Geordie, and he supports Liverpool FC. Effectively, he wants Left Brain Media to be black and white, and re(a)d all over.


He writes primarily on social policy, governance and the state of political battlegrounds (with an eye on polling data). He has focused his academic pursuits on drug policy, in particular harm reduction, with his writing often built around drug policy reform and its outlook in the UK and Europe. Working in recruitment during a period marked with gross labour shortages, Nathan has witnessed the impact of reckless profiteering, social security cuts, and Brexit on labour relations and workers' rights.


He is embarking on a career in political strategy in the North East and sees Left Brain Media as part of a wider project to better develop political understanding, nurture an informative and educational media ecosystem, and improve democratic function.


Simply put, Nathan wants Left Brain to go global. Makina to the world. 

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