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Fred Zikry

Fred Zikry is an amateur electric guitar technician/enthusiast, village cricketer (all-rounder, like Ben Stokes except brown and without the hair transplant), and a final year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Edinburgh. In that order. If they’re not rambling about the history of the Gibson Les Paul or how some modern reissues of vintage Stratocasters have the wrong fretboard radius, they’re soldering together a new guitar pedal or trying to figure out how to play anything that isn’t the minor pentatonic scale. In Fred’s final semester of university, they will be seeking gainful employment and also writing a dissertation on Replacing English Willow in Cricket Bats with Composite Materials with the goal of reducing cost and reducing transport emissions. Feel free to reach out to Fred on Instagram (@fzizzle) or LinkedIn to discuss anything Cricket, Music (preferably featuring the electric guitar and/or Korean people), Basketball, Materials/Engineering, and finally, Mental Health.

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