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Poetry by Jack Horner (aka Leon the Pig Farmer)

Part One - Reality v Normality

Reality and normality will not be televised

Camp fear will clash with algorithm anarchist

I am living in a boom box of bureaucracy 

Staring at scrap books of Unicorns and mirrors

The soulless will slur with a curse

Crown jewels for the favoured fools

Kinetic energy ignites the cast of creatives

I am propelled into an odyssey of mischief

The newspapers stoke and poke the fire 

Adrenalin fuelled assaults wain to ambient light

Dry your eyes on sandpaper and dropped frozen shoulders

Smell the Whiskey and taste the Daffodils

Intelligence suppression and dictated ideologies

Two-page ad lib manifestos

A demolition derby of social structures

Rewired principles force fed by disciples

They burnt the lexicon of the libertarians

A political apothecary of concocted aggression measures

Visionaries concealed in cargo containers

Hope WILL shine bright in the dark 

I will not subscribe to their fake placated policies

Any interest or enthusiasm lapsed and expired

Embryonic spirits are groomed by corporate 

I will not bark at bedlams door

They mould it bold and its cheaply sold

A propaganda painting at a pole station

The Petra dish is the gutter of our alien nation

I will gate crash a trashed party scene

I kick up leaves in an Indian summer

I kick up leaves in an Indian summer

Time to strangle and choke the oppressor

Under a blood red sky, it is time for a successor

Part Two - Capital Punishment 

As we live in a world of capital punishment

Where those with capital do not get punished

A hereditary haven for the sick and perverse

Freedom only comes in limousines or a hearse

As they roll down blinds, then close ranks

Bury their heads into soft sand banks

We are the ostracised with ostrich eyes

Who can see through trees and their forest of lies

Where bankrupt millionaires bury bullions

Passing the book onto working minions

As lower hanging fruit they won in a raffle

This tombola fraud sends many to the bottle

Sweep clean brush aside the angry impediment

They create new papers and want to legislate

Building a cordon around the wall of sound

Trying to neutralise the loud and proud

Incision with precision for division and disaster 

Poisoning minds to corrupt and conquer

The pathetic perform in a cardboard cabaret

Hanging us to dry in their mundane matinee

Betrayed and beaten by plea bargain idiots

Rambling and reasoning with co conspirators

Showered then saturated in shivering guilt

My loyalty now lies in liberties land fill

As they build a stile of walls and a fence

Jump in, jump out and U turn to make amends

Chewing green paper from media dictators

Payment protection in the mouths of silent spectators

Those Churchillian chants and hymn sheet songs

Appease the disgruntled with gift wrap bombs

The needle hits the record in a soggy beer garden

Toxicity then breeds amongst first world problems

Lunatics with leverage send cryptic clues

Scratch each other’s backs and chaos ensues

The colourblind and blinkered few

Enjoy a scoreless draw as goal posts move

Part Three - The Mood 

As we move into an era of truth extinction

Digital soldiers patrol with mind control

A regime of push and pull compliance tactics

Mainstream swimmers float holding life lines of elastic

Insidious agendas drip fed into open plan mansions

Alarms and detectors tampered; best ideals hampered

Assess the rhetoric and reprogrammed ideals

Watch livestock stolen after the markets done deals

The persuasive bellow bravado from a bolstered box

Reciting loosely interpretated facts from experts’ text

Chasing the fabricated and gambled goals

Then overstepping the mark of powers bestowed

Pillows and mattresses bulge with chemical stained cash

Deprive the alive and poke a sleeping proxy

Spineless strike a chord in a marionetted play

Then bandwagon part exchanged for a shiny new gravy train

Demonised and criminalised for not standing in line

As dark forces gorge on assets both owned and loaned

Free spirits banished and pushed into a vile vacuum

Story tellers sell laundered logic as news

Opposite opinions do not make someone dangerous

As silver spoon serpents serve more threats and punishment

As they bend and break house rules for associates and friends

I would like to expose what is behind the lucrative lens!

So, question morals and challenge decisions made

The sale pitch of the invisible, market strategy of the unthinkable

The tolerant will buy tickets to an orthodox life

In this vile cooking globe and tsunami of lies

Where secrets are stashed under flags in hollow halls

Research revelations are the new apocrypha

Scriptures rewritten by a tainted town cryer

Lives lost and bodies rot in a failed system of denial

Nothing bucolic about this political landscape

Broken streets, beige beliefs, and a benign opposite

I can wait for red flamed arrows to fall on the crumbling tower

Until then I’ve a spine and mind and I will not buckle or cower

Part Four - Polluted Tics

My antipathy towards the corrupt and glutenous

I WILL demonstrate disgust to the elite incestuous

There is an anamorphic media and bias culture

So, chase the fox into the rat-infested squalor

The narcissist protagonist devoid of leadership

Shaded deals done in purple politics

Unpunished crimes and a domino distraction

The erudite “Baristacrat” will now wake the nation

Run the gauntlet down through ghetto heaven

Doubt breeds chaos, avoid the beheading

Powers paralyzed in a smashed glass palace

Do not throw stones at the proletariat fuelled by malice

Crippled and deceived by gentlemen’s agreements

Confidence lost after the business bereavement

An Olympian desire to run from the rupture

You cannot heal these wounds with gimmick pin stripe sutures

Lost souls hold lanterns to the flies at night

Wandering in a labyrinth with doors that slide

Shine over shadow and shape dictates power

The devil will not dance for a tepid supper

The petrified jump chasms for an asylum plea

A fear of falling into unethical estuaries

No one wants to drowned in a conspiring sea

When tides turn, ships sunk and oil drums float free

So, evaluate friendships born in darken rooms

Flick the switch to illuminate truths

Facilitate or participate, neither is showered in glory

Let me illustrate the point they cannot rewrite stories

Part Five - Bury Believers

But they bury believers with a melted soul

Dystopian nightmares become the real world

Dragged from a grave to a darker hole

Utopian highways are pathed in fool’s gold

Sellotaped on eyes, hooks into skin

Abrasions on knees, blood clotted grin

Fragrant opinions, cremated truths

They reached a ceiling with its leaking roof

They catapult puzzles with hidden provocation

Corrupted messaged in their disorganisation

Capitalist coyotes that hunt in pack

VIP vultures pick up their table scraps

Offering false hope in blood filled decanters

Selling poisoned apples wanting to dismantle

Digging cess pits with pins and needles

Hoping that the wise man drops real gold for freedom

Equations are created to confuse the weak

A mask to hide their raven’s beak

Alarm bells shriek, death bells toll

They huddle, (and cuddle) keeping us in the cold

As they paint the future on advert boards

Marketing mayhem to flog in its hoards

As wiping away acidic tears

They rip the scripts of our satirical jeers

A costume that is created to deflect their failures

They are NOT the angel who came to save us

Second hand theories and first-degree crimes

Incendiary solutions that will implode in time

Time… For… Action…

The voting booth is primed!


Jack Horner aka Leon the Pig Farmer is a Manchester based Yorkshire beat poet. An ex-serviceman who began writing verse to help him deal with a PTSD diagnosis in 2019. This material was to become the source of his first book collection of verse and illustration around mental health recovery titled “Talking myself out of trouble” released in 2021.

Leon has quickly climbed rungs on the spoken word / performance poet ladder with a reputation as a hard-working artist. This has led to him featuring at many poetry nights and with established musicians around the North and other creative events nationally. He has an assertive take on spoken word with fast firing rhythmic verse and a sharp outlook on both his mental health recovery and other social topics and observations that catch his eye.

An energetic delivery that has been compared to both a belt fed mortar explosion and a staccato assault full of energy and emotion which can silence and mesmerize an audience.

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