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The Last Page In The Bible

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Burn it all to the ground.

Start from the ashes and build there.

Make clear your intentions from the start. Do not make a farce of the art of world-building.

Start from the ground up,

gather your assets and count up your tribe. No one must fight to stay alive.

Build with the knowledge that time makes fools of us all,

still, build your walls if you must,

and I know you must.

Tend to the poor,

better yet, do not let your greed breed poverty.

Instead, share amongst yourselves the bounty of the earth and give birth to a world that has never seen war.

If you must deify something, make it the nature of life,

avoid the temptation to put down the sword only to pick up a knife.

Be patient but never stagnant,

Be flexible, but do not fragment.

Understand that there is never time enough for everything, so lay the tracks so that the next generation may have a foundation upon which to build,

and then be still.


Apollo Spencer is an artist and poet, originally from Georgetown Guyana. Based now in London, they started their professional writing career at age 18 and eventually returned to their childhood passion of writing and performing poetry. They are soon to release a poetry book entitled ‘Stained Glass Silence’ You can follow their work on Instagram @apollothescribe.

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