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'The State Of It': Submission Call

Left Brain Media is thrilled to announcec its fourth call for submissions, 'The State of It'. Which, through the generosity of our supporters, will be the first paid writing opportunities here at Left Brain.

Do you sense the unraveling of our political culture, international relations, and societal systems happening right before your eyes? The chaos unfolding around us calls for your unreserved thoughts and insights.

At Left Brain Media, we invite you to articulate your unfiltered perspectives on the tumultuous landscape that defines our world today.

We eagerly welcome articles, think pieces, and all else that delves into the depths of these three critical topics:

  1. Political Culture: Explore the shifting dynamics, ideologies, and trends shaping our political landscape. Are our elected representatives degrading public office?

  2. International Affairs: The complexities of global relationships, geopolitical tensions, and diplomatic maneuvers. Examine the interconnectedness of nations, crises on the world stage, and the impact of these interactions on a global scale.

  3. Social Order: Investigate the underpinnings of our societal structures, norms, and values. Reflect on the challenges to established orders, the evolution of social movements, and the dynamics reshaping how we coexist.


  • All submissions will be showcased on, providing a platform for your ideas to reach a wide audience passionate about progressive discourse. They will be promoted on our social channels where writers will be able to input on the design process for their post.

  • After the submission deadline, pieces will be shortlisted and then put to our readers who will have the opportunity to cast their votes for their favourite in each category. Additionally, our editorial team will select an honourable mention that stands out for its unique perspective.

Word Count: 500 words and beyond.

Deadline: January 15th, 2024

Reader's Choice Prize: £50

Editor's Choice Prize: £25

Contact: Send your submissions to Please explicitly state which topic or category your piece falls into (political culture, international affairs, social order).

Let your voice be heard amidst the chaos. Share your analysis, critiques, and visions for a more informed and aware society. Join us at Left Brain Media as we navigate the tumultuous currents of our time, seeking clarity, understanding, and the seeds of progress amidst the chaos. We cannot wait to read your submissions.

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