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We don't mix. - A Photography Collection

All of these photos I took as a critique of how people view arts and sciences. People often consider then mutually exclusive, especially in the education system. I am an International Baccalaureate student and for that I study in all different subject areas, simultaneously art and science. I feel there is too much pressure on students and creative minds to pick a side or go towards STEM just because there seems to be more money to be made there. There are numerous ways in which art and science are similar even if the knowledge we gain from them is different. In these photos I have tried to capture the simultaneous divisions in the two liquids (water and oil) but have also tried to convey a sense of comfort and freedom in the ways the colours compliment each other and flow. 


Hello everyone! I am Mellissa and I am a 17 year old mixed media artist (and art student!). I am currently studying in Brighton in the UK, it is quite literally the place to be for any artist in my opinion. I experiment with as many mediums as I can to create my art including textiles, sculpture, photography, oil paints and sometimes even baking! I really hope you enjoy my art and you can follow my journey on my Instagram- @mellissanielsen  

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