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Thomas Carruthers

Thomas John Carruthers is an actor, writer, director and performer who has had much success in amateur fields with all of the above. He has directed his own and others' works, usually also starring in them, as well as writing, editing and starring in multiple short films and a feature-length mockumentary. Thomas has a weekly podcast in which he and his friend, Will Leggetter, dissect a film each week. Thomas has found similar success with a film blog where he reviews recent releases and publishes thought pieces on film. Thomas has taught and led workshops in acting and writing with students of all ages, focusing mainly on original work of the student and developing productions of his own work with the group.

His writing has varied from the most farcical of dark comedies to the bleakest of household dramas, as well as more than a few straight comedies. Thomas has written a full length novel, as well as spanning multiple different other formats in his writing; including one, two and three act plays, short and feature-length screenplays, television dramas and a sitcom series.

Thomas's mother's greatest wish is for him to sweep the Oscars and let her attend in a nice dress, so that she can meet Meryl and Al and Jack and the rest of them. Thomas's greatest wish is to have multiple plays of his own on in the West End and Broadway, whilst simultaneously having a great film running at the pictures and a TV series on the go. However, this is to his mother's dismay as she prefers when he "says other people's words" instead of his own. Everyone's a critic.

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