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Social Class - A Poem

Affluence adjacent sits the sickly squalor

in abundance.

Temptation to squander

in line for the allowance.

Out of luck, out of options

accumulating the rejections

from above.

Adversity ensnared, accustomed and


Accomplished city


Alter the figures, no one believes.

What do they matter?


Tower of disaster, tower of wealth

are like siblings;

opposite and parallel

in the near distance. They gaze


either side of the rising smoke.

One has succeeded and

disowned the other.


Lucy Warr is a persistent writer of poetry. The basis of her work is storytelling; relating to the human experience, it aims to encourage questioning and reflection. Lucy has been writing from a very young age and aspires to be published.

I wish I had accolades and qualifications to put me on a parr with the remarkable talents in the

literary world at present (and of the past). I suppose it makes me stand out (head and shoulders below the rest, perhaps) that I have none - apart from a handful of A Levels and BTECs. But who doesn’t enjoy a story of the underdog?

I have an insatiable passion for creative writing, I always have, and a strong work ethic. I just didn’t apply these properly as a teenager; a crucial turning point of significant life decisions, as it goes. I was not ready then. Since the follies of youth, I have worked as much as possible, in many sectors (name one, I have probably worked in it) and have landed happily in higher education, which in itself is a source of inspiration to me. Working at a university makes me think that getting a degree will be possible forme. And then who knows…

I will always write, no matter my status, and always appreciate and enjoy the writing of others.

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